August 8, 2022

Jan 6 rioter Ayres gave apologetic testimony. Is it enough to forgive?

Experts see room to forgive rioters like Stephen Ayres. For others, his role in a large-scale attack on the U.S. government shouldn’t be forgotten.

  • Stephen Ayres, pleaded guilty to one count related to Jan. 6. He’ll be sentenced in September.
  • He’s the only charged rioter to testify live in front of the Jan. 6 committee.
  • Ayres apologized to officers affected by the attack. “You can’t remove his culpability,” one said.

WARREN, Ohio – Stephen Ayres was deep into online conspiracy theories by the time he joined a mob that marched through the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Sporting a white-and-black hat, he recorded the scene that he would later tell online followers was evidence of the debunked theory that the event was planned by the left. 

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